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The Software

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The TimePro software is the engine of the system

attendance time
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Attendance Time

  • Based on your shift rules, worked hours are split into normal and overtime rates
  • Non Attendance such as holidays & sickness is entered into the software
  • Full 24 hour capability providing mult-shift attendance data for payroll input
  • Grace and Rounding's
  • Flexible reports can cover any time period and split time analysis into departments / groups


job time recording
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Job Time Recording

Accurately capturing time spent on productive work is essential to any business with the desire to maximise workshop efficiency. Productive employees simply register their current job number at the TimePro terminal and TimePro will capture the time spent on that job. As well a the Job Number, the type of work (known as a Sale Code) is also recorded. For example this may be Retail, Warranty etc or a bodyshop might use Panel, Paint & MET. The TimePro system will be tailored to YOUR requirements

The actual time spent on any job can then be measured against the target time or time invoiced to the customer

When not engaged on productive work your employees will be allocated to non-productive activities of your choice such as idle time, driving, maintenance etc. This enables you to focus on lost time that could be due to workshop loading problems or other inefficiencies within your systems and processes.

From this data TimePro can provide:

  • Employees daily activity throughout their total time attended.
  • Job time split by sale type / cost centre.
  • Detailed job reports providing a full history of time booked to any job.
  • Job performance is shown in terms of time taken vs sold and also labour gross profit.
  • Accurate labour WIP is available throughout the life of a job.
  • Analysis of non-productive time is available to enable you to increase utilisation.
  • Daily measurement of employee productivity, utilisation & efficiency.
  • All of this information can be easily produced for work groups, individual employees and total company to ensure that you have the information available to maximise profitability

An employees activity is always accounted for, he must be clocked on a job or non productive activity - it is not possible to clock off a job without clocking onto another job or activity

TimePro is an essential tool in being able to accurately measure and manage your productive efficiency, utilisation & profitability. In addition, there is a considerable reduction in time currently spent manually collecting and analysing time data.

TimePro enables you to continually measure how far progress is being made in meeting your performance improvement targets.




The TimePro reports give you instant access and analysis of your data. All reports can be filtered by Company, Employee Group, Employee, Dates, Sale Type and Job Numbers.

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