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TimePro Reports

One of the main strengths of TimePro is the comprehensive availability of reports.

These reports, as well as covering the majority of management information requirements, are totally flexible in the way in which they can be viewed or printed. All reports can be filtered by Company, Employee Group, Employee, Dates, Sale Type and Job Numbers, thus allowing total flexibility. Reports can either be viewed on screen or printed. The images of reports or sections of reports shown here are merely a fraction of those available to the full user. If you would like a more comprehensive discussion about the capabilities of TimePro contact us and we would be pleased to arrange an onsite demonstration of the power and ease of use of TimePro.

Bespoke Reports

Do you have a specific requirement such as bonus calculations or composite input? We can tailor a report to your specific needs. Contact us for an informal and no obligation discussion to see how we can help

An additional module is the TimePro Web Reporting Software. This allows the TimePro reports to be viewed via a web browser over your Local or Wide area network, even the internet if your network is appropriately configured. (Please note that this product is subject to the user having a suitable network and some configurations will not display graphs)

The following are examples of some of the many reports available and are included merely to give a taste of the comprehensive nature of the reporting.

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You may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDFs. You can get it for free by clicking the icon below:

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paid hours

Paid Hours

Shows the hours to be paid for basic and overtime plus hours for absence such as holidays, training etc


absence by employee

Absence by Employee

Shows the absence by employee for a given period, the reason for the absence and the time and rate of pay

performance summary

Performance Summary

Key management report giving an overview of Attended, Non Productive, Productive time and the key figures of Utilisation, Productivity and Efficiency

employee activity report

Employee Activity Report

This report shows clocking by clocking an employees activity through the day. Non Productive clockings are highlighted in red

detailed job report

Detailed Job Report

Shows all the clockings for an individual job. Ideal for warranty audit and support

non productive by employee

Non Productive By Employee

The total Non productive time for each employee and the costs involved. Graphs showing the split by type of activity and the cost of each employee

non productive activity by time band

Non Productive Activity by Time Band

This versatile report highlights the times of day when your employees are non productive

work in progress

Work in Progress

List all the jobs in TimePro that are still in progress, shows the last date clocked and the total time for each job as well as a summary by Sale type