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TimePro - Much more than just Time Recording, your best piece of workshop equipment

TimePro is THE time management system particularly suited to the Motor Trade or any business that uses job based processes, click here to see details of the diverse range of businesses that use TimePro

Automotive. Engineering. Manufacturing

The basic TimePro system consists of a Workshop Clocking Machine (s) and software. The Clocking Machine can be coupled to our Label Printer to provide permanent Job Card clockings.

The software is available in several versions to suit a customers individual requirements.

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The TP500M Clocking Terminal   The Label Printer   The Portable Unit
clocking terminal   label printer   portable unit

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The new TP500m Clocking Terminal, manufactured in the UK, is unique to TimePro and is made from high quality components and incorporates a full button keyboard for faster and accurate entry of job numbers. This new clock allows the TimePro software to 'background poll' the clocks so that Job information is up to date using the new LivePolling feature

The case is very strong and designed to withstand the harshest of workshop environments.

Infra red technology is used to read the clock cards making it very durable and unaffected by dirt or magnetic fields. Various options are provided to connect the terminal to the computer, the preferred method is via the network using TCP/IP but it can also be hard wired and connected via a modem.

There is no limit to the number of terminals that can be used in a single system.

The Label Printer is coupled to the clock and prints a label when the employee changes jobs.

The label shows the employees Name, Number, Date, Time on, Time off and the elapsed time. The elapsed time can be shown in hours and minutes or decimal.

The last label to be printed can be reprinted should a label be spoiled etc.

The Portable Unit is designed for field use. Employees can clock in and out of work, on and off jobs or non productive activities.

The data is then downloaded to the TimePro computer when the employee returns to base (or any site that is on the company wide area network) - perfect for 24 hour and field based technicians.