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maximise your workshop performance with timepro - computer linked time recording system

How TimePro is priced

Because we supply TimePro to an extremely varied customer base including automotive, engineering & manufacturing companies, it is simply not possible to state an ‘off the shelf’  system price for a TimePro system. (see our Products page for system options)

Some of the variables are :

  • Number of employees?
  • Number of Clocking Terminals?
  • Are Bar Codes Readers required?
  • Are Job Label Printers required?
  • Are TimePro Portable units required for mobile or site work?
  • Does the software have to deal with shift patterns and non productive staff?
  • Are labour sale codes or production cost centres required?
  • Are you buying on a Group or single site basis?

When we receive an enquiry we will take all of this into account and prepare a quotation specifically for your business requirements.

Price Range

A basic system for a small business could be as little as £2,500 or £14 per week on a 5 year lease. *

A larger system could be £5,000 - £6,000 depending on the above variables.

All of our systems can be purchased outright or various leasing options are available.

How To Proceed

Go to the brochure page and select the services that you require. We will then get in touch with you to establish your exact system requirements.

Or give us a call on 01246 267715 and we will give you a price estimate subject to a site visit.

*(Based on ex-demo or refurbished used hardware being available)