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maximise your workshop performance with timepro - computer linked time recording system

Timepro for Engineering, manufacturing and Service companies

TimePro was initially developed for the automotive workshop industry where we have a broad range of customers throughout the UK.

We have also developed a version of TimePro that is ideal for non-automotive industries. The only requirement is that your work process has an individual numeric job number for each works order. Through this job number TimePro will accurately record all labour time taken on each job. This can then be compared to the quoted target time for the job.

If you require more detailed job time analysis we can capture the time spent in each cost centre eg. Cutting, welding fabricating etc.

Each employee’s time spent on jobs and within cost centres is also captured to provide you with individual employee efficiency information. Any non-productive time is also recorded to provide you with detailed information on lost time and utilisation.

Please go to the product and software pages of the web site for further information.

Who Uses TimePro ?

Any company with a job number based process can use TimePro. A sample of our existing non-automotive customers are :

Hartwell Manufacturing

Scandia Joinery

Davley Fabrications


Robinson Race Cars 

Warwick Development 

Brilliant Stages


Steel fabrication for industry & commerce.

Manufacturers of bespoke custom made joinery

.Fabricators and welders of stainless & mild steel.

General engineers in automotive, power generation & petrochemical industry

.Design, build & repair custom built race cars.

Suppliers of double glazing, UPVC doors windows & conservatories.

Specialist stage set fabrication for the entertainment industry.

Design, build & refurbishment of offshore well service equipment.

To discuss if TimePro is suitable for your business phone us on 01246 267715 or send us your details via the brochure page and we will give you a call.