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maximise your workshop performance with timepro - computer linked time recording garage software system for improving workshop efficiency and job costing


TimePro is an innovative workshop clocking and time management system for maximising workshop efficiency and labour gross profit. TimePro's roots were developed in the automotive repair industry but is also used in many other business sectors because it offers significant advantages over traditional time recording and job costing methods than other garage software.

TimePro utilises robust and reliable workshop data collection hardware, coupled with easy to use software ensuring that:

  • Now with LivePolling, see every employees Job or Non Productive activity LIVE! *
  • You can easily see Employee & Workshop efficiency on a daily basis.
  • You will sell more labour hours from capturing the total time worked on every job.
  • You will have more labour time available to sell from being able to identify and reduce Employee Non Productive time
  • Computerised attendance time control will give you more available productive time & the completion and calculation of manual clock cards will no longer be necessary.
  • Implementing TimePro for your time recording and workshop efficiency management can result in an extra £12,000 of annual labour sales per technician. For full details visit our Brochure and Tips page and take advantage of our special introductory offers.

*Requires the TP500M Clock and software upgrade

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NEW! The TimePro system now uses the improved TP500M clock featuring a full button keyboard and LivePolling

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